Bringing the Past into the Present


Walker Churchyard Memorial Group is a non-denominational voluntary group which has been set up with the aim of rejuvenating the churchyard in Walker by mapping the position of all the the headstones within it, refurbishing those that can be renovated, recording the memorial inscriptions and making the information available to the public.

We are a non-profit organisation and are funded by the generous help of sponsorship, donations and grants. If you would like to make a donation, please contact :

Walker Churchyard is very large, covering about 11.5 acres, and is the burial place of nearly 22,00 people, sharing over 3,600 surnames. Consequently, it is one of the largest projects of its type.

The mapping of all the grave positions will enable and encourage family visits, which has until now been sadly lacking because of the lack of information about burial records and burial positions, thus making the finding of individual resting places extremely difficult.

With financial and voluntary help, we hope to be able to achieve our aim of recording the information for the benefit of future generations.