Bringing the Past into the Present


Pictured below are of some of volunteer helpers from the volunteer days on 26th February  and 26th March 2011,helping to restore the Churchyard

There were a total of 21 people involved, some from quite a distance from Walker, but who wanted to help with the project.

We started the various tasks at about 10.30 and everyone got stuck in right away, and very soon the place was a hive of activity. We had three very young helpers who put their heart and soul into raking leaves into piles to be shifted.

Some volunteers were engaged in the recording of headstone inscriptions as part of the process of mapping the churchyard, and the information collected is now entered onto the mapping data base.

At lunchtimes there was a choice of two kinds of hot soup and different sandwiches as well as tea and coffee and fruit juice, after which everyone was then ready for another session of raking, pushing barrows etc.

After getting all the equipment packed away the volunteers were all finished for the day at 2.00

All in all, two very successful days, with an amazing amount of leaves, litter, and broken branches removed from the site.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who took part on the days, as without the volunteers the project would be very difficult.

A busy leaf raker at work

Barrowloads of leaves were cleared away

Clearing the leaves in the car park

And afterwards!!

Load of litter was removed

Recovering from overgrowth

Supervising the young volunteers

Trimming a damaged tree

Three happy catering ladies

Trimming ivy from a headstone

Clearing it away

getting rid of the litter

clearing away the shrubs and leaves

raking leaves

Recording headstone details

More recording